Your Voice has Power

Midgame is an intelligent voice assistant for gamers and esports teams.

We’re a team of gamers, data nerds, and performance geeks who believe that the next evolution of gaming lies in voice.

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Our Mission

Modern gaming is one of the most cognitively demanding things humanity has ever invented. Gamers have to execute complex maneuvers, make strategic decisions, recall all sorts of specific info, and respond to enemy actions in real-time.

We're bringing artificial intelligence to gamers. A voice AI in your ear that analyzes your calls, responds to your commands, and helps you play at your best. Learn more about us.

Our Work

GroupUp — Communication analytics for esports teams

We help teams visualize and improve in-game communication so they can group up better and outplay their opponents.

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LeagueBot — Track summoner spells via voice

A Discord bot that reminds you when when the enemy has flash and other summoner spells.

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The Collegiate Esports Survey

The first-ever nationwide survey exclusively focused on collegiate esports.

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