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Meet GA - a voice-enabled AI companion for gamers
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Meet GA

Early player feedback

I was skeptical at first - why not just tab out? But actually asking is so much easier and let's you keep playing.

— Williamjs

It's incredibly useful, easy to pick up, and it explains itself. This is one of the most advanced bots of any kind I've seen.


I have friends who don't play Stardew is because there's too much info to remember. This is perfect for them.

— CrazyMike


What is Midgame?

Midgame is a technology company designed to streamline and enhance the gaming experience. We're the folks behind GroupUp and GA — more about us here.

What is GA?

GA is a voice-enabled AI companion for gamers. It provides seamless real-time guidance for gamers while they play, without having to alt-tab, pull out their phone, or use a second monitor. GA works best on Discord (join our server), but is also available for Alexa and Google Assistant.

How does it work?

GA takes in your queries over voice or text (if you're in our Discord server) and returns relevant information or guidance. For instance, if you're playing Stardew Valley you might ask "How do you make chocolate cake?" (BTW it's a favorite of Evelyn, Abigail, and Jodi)

GA would hear that request and respond with "Chocolate cake is made with wheat flour, sugar, and egg" See more examples here:

What can I ask GA?

GA is learning new things all the time! We currently can answer thousands of questions about Stardew Valley including:


  • What are Shane’s favorite gifts?
  • Who likes chocolate cake?
  • When is Alex's birthday?

Recipes / Upgrades

  • How do I make pizza?
  • How do I get a big barn?


(we only support dateable villagers currently)

  • Where is Haley on Tuesdays in the Fall at 3pm?
  • Where is Elliot on Saturdays in the Summer at 8pm?


  • Where does Emily live?
  • When is the carpenter open?

Buying / Selling

  • How much do potatoes sell for?
  • How much does cauliflower sell for?


  • What are the best add ons for my fishing rod?
  • Where can I catch Tuna?

Random Game Info

(this can be a little hit or miss)

  • How many eggs do I need to win the egg hunt?
  • What can I do in the greenhouse?
  • How do I get a prismatic shard?

What does GA stand for?

GA (pronounced gee-aye) canonically does not stand for anything (similar to BB-8 of Star Wars) but we've heard some call it "Gaming Assistant", "Game Authority" and "Guardian Angel".

What games do you support?

GA currently offers full support for Stardew Valley. We're preparing to launch support for Minecraft and several other games soon. Join our community to help shape our future!

How do you make money?

We want GA to become every gamer's sidekick which means making it as accessible as possible. In our beta period, GA is completely free, and we always want to have a free version available to gamers. Over time, we will release premium versions of GA which offer more functionality and special features that users can pay for if they'd like.

Your privacy is important to us and we have no plans to monetize using ads or through selling or sharing of your data.

This is awesome! How can I get involved?

Are you a game studio or publisher looking to activate, engage, and retain your player base through a novel user experience? Are you a streamer, content creator, or gaming influencer looking to find new ways to engage your audience? We'd love to explore how we can help.

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