Say hi to your new sidekick
A voice-enabled gaming assistant in early access for Stardew Valley
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Stay in the Game

Check our demo for the Stardew Valley!

Things you can ask:

  • Schedule: "Where is Shane at 3pm on Monday in the Spring?"
  • Love Gifts: "What does Abigail love?"
  • Fishing: "Where do I catch Glacierfish?"
  • Recepies: "How do I cook complete breakfast?"

Think this was cool? Try the real (voice-activated) version by joining our Discord.

Early player feedback

I was skeptical at first - why not just tab out? But actually asking is so much easier and let's you keep playing.

— Williamjs

It's incredibly useful, easy to pick up, and it explains itself. This is one of the most advanced bots of any kind I've seen.


I have friends who don't play Stardew is because there's too much info to remember. This is perfect for them.

— CrazyMike


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