Stay ahead of the competition

200IQ is the secret weapon of great esports coaches and team captains. Securely plan strategy, scout competitors, and review matches with your team.

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Track Gameplay

Keep all the data from your events, including training, scrims, and matches, organized and in a single place

Plan Your Strategy

Watch replay videos, discuss strategy, organize ban and pick lists, review notes after games.

Talk Privately

Prevent snooping with our security features. Control who can join and what they see.

Build Credibility

Show off your team's hard work with polished reports of team win/loss records and performance charts.


  • Track practices, scrims, and matches
  • Securely store and review pre and post game data & discussions
  • Admin can add + kick members
Under development
  • Automatically pull competitive stats and rankings
  • Track team performance over time
  • Directly record gameplay without having to stream