About Us

Midgame is building the next evolution of gaming and esports.

Our mission is to reduce friction and enhance the immersive experience for the world's 2.6 billion gamers, whether they play on esports teams, competitive ladders, on streams, or just for fun. We believe that voice communication, with teammates or with an AI, is the natural next step for extending the gaming experience.

In 2012, gaming revenues surpassed film and music combined, and it's never looked back. Video games are a central part of modern culture. We're passionate about games, technology, and competition, and we're excited to help create the future of gaming.

About the Founders

After starting their careers in Silicon Valley, Jason Shen and Wayne Gerard found themselves in New York City, working shoulder-to-shoulder at Etsy, the global e-commerce platform. Their shared passion for technology, gaming, and performance led them to cofound Midgame.

Jason hosted his first LAN gaming event at 13 and led the Stanford Men's Gymnastics team as co-captain to clinch the 2009 NCAA championship. He previously started a venture-backed ridesharing platform called Ridejoy. Wayne was a Diamond ranked Starcraft II player and a competitive League of Legends player who built tools for pro baseball teams at Bloomberg Sports. He previously started and sold a financial research company called Activist Shorts.

Jason and Wayne previously co-founded a tech hiring platform called Headlight (acquired by Woven) and have built products and services used by tens of millions of people.