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We believe every gamer deserves a sidekick.

Midgame is building an AI assistant to help streamline your gameplay, expand your abilities, and bring you deeper into the game.

Our mission is to reduce friction and enhance the immersive experience for the world's gamers. It doesn't matter if you're on mobile, desktop, or on console, playing ranked, on stream, or just for fun — we're here for you.

We're not the first to dream up an AI assistant — from Star Trek to Halo, this is an idea that has captured the imagination of many. But we aim to lead the charge in making that vision a reality, fueled by a brilliant team of gamers, data nerds, and makers.

We're passionate about play, technology, and conversation, and we're excited to help create the future of interactive entertainment.

Our Founders

After starting their careers in Silicon Valley, Jason Shen and Wayne Gerard found themselves working shoulder-to-shoulder at Etsy, the global marketplace based in NYC. Their shared passion for technology, gaming, and community led them to cofound Midgame.

Jason hosted his first LAN party at 13 and led the Stanford Men's Gymnastics team as co-captain to clinch the 2009 NCAA championship. He previously started a venture-backed ridesharing platform called Ridejoy (YC S11) and helped launch a crowdsourcing platform for the Smithsonian as a Presidential Innovation Fellow.

Wayne was a Diamond ranked Starcraft II player and a competitive League of Legends player who's built tools for pro baseball teams at Bloomberg Sports. He previously started and sold a financial research company called Activist Shorts and helped build a low-cost ultrasound machine for midwives in rural Uganda while in undergrad.

Jason and Wayne previously co-founded a tech hiring platform called Headlight (acquired by Woven).

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