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GroupUp helps esports teams improve communication and enhance performance through voice comms transcription and analysis.

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Study Comms

The best teams win or lose on coordination. GroupUp stores and analyzes your comms so you can make better plays.

Know Your Team

We identify who's shot-calling, who gets quiet under pressure, and whose mental goes boom.

Identify Trends

We spot patterns so you don't have to. Does communication breakdown in teamfights? Whose shot calls do other players most respond to?

Talk Privately

Your data is encrypted and only available to those you trust.


  • Store comms securely and privately. Quickly analyze and add notes in your browser.
  • Basic trends: Who's talking the most? Do people often talk over each other?
  • Up to 4 hours a month of stored comms, stored for 6 months
Under development
  • Advanced insights: Who's the shotcaller? Do people listen to them?
  • Unlimited teams and storage
  • Transcription services: Get a transcript of what everyone said, when