Communication analytics for esports teams

GroupUp helps teams visualize & improve in-game communication so they can group up better and outplay their opponents.


How it Works

We seamlessly capture individual player comms via a Discord bot, run into through machine transcription, and provide a powerful dashboard to scan through what was said in the game and identify key decision moments.

We track stats like call outs, cross talk, and talk distribution so you can monitor trends over time and see how your team stacks up against others at your level.


Seamlessly capture team and per-player audio for later analysis


See how comms played out with player transcripts and stats like cross talk time


See how your comms changes match-to-match. Download as csv for further analysis.

What teams are saying

“We've been able to learn things we never even thought about - such as players interrupting each other / the shot-caller peaking at specific times in comms, and the data we can see when the game match turns in our favor.”
— UT Dallas
“After using Midgame, we switched shot callers to someone who was more active in comms. We started recognizing what calls were helpful, who to pay attention to, and when we needed to change things up. We used to go even with teams of our skill rank. After making some comms changes and as a result, team comp switches, we handily beat teams 400 SR above us.
— Colorado College Tigers
“Lots of times players claimed to not have heard a call, while another person claimed to call. With the recording/transcript, this becomes a non-issue, as we can go back to see if the call was made and ignored or if the call wasn't specific enough.”
— Highlander Esports
“There was a lot of apprehension at first around Midgame but now I don’t think the players could go without its usefulness. Player communication frequency and quality of call outs has improved. Our players' communication has increased. It's like they've developed a second language for callouts."
— Roman Esports

VODs tell you what happened.
Comms tell you why.

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