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The US Collegiate Esports Survey

The first nationwide esports survey focused exclusively on competitive college gaming teams and players in the United States. Students at more than 85 colleges and universities have told us about their esports program.

Our goal is to capture the statistics and attitudes of college gamers, aggregate the data, and share it freely with everyone. Your responses will only be used in aggregate to compile the survey results and your personal information will never be shared or sold.


Why Take the Survey?

By completing the survey you'll help the spread the word about the needs and trends of the college esports community. You'll automatically get a copy of the aggregated results emailed to you for free. We're asking questions like:

  • How many people are in your esports group?
  • Which games are you currently competing in?
  • What kind of institutional support do you have?
  • How many hours do your competitive teams practice each week?
  • What relationship, if any, should the NCAA have with college esports?

Completed entries give you for a chance to win a pair of Kingston HyperX Cloud Pro gaming headsets for you and your teammates (5 sets of 2 headsets will be given away). Refer a friend at another school and you both earn an extra chance to win.

The survey closes 12/16 and takes about 4-5 minutes to complete.

Giveaway Details

We will randomly select 5 schools as winners, all individuals from that school will be contacted over email and we'll figure out one official representative to coordinate receiving the 2 Kingston HyperX Cloud gaming headsets.

If you reference another school as having referred you to the survey, each of you will be given one additional entry into the giveaway. Schools are limited to maximum of 5 total entries from members at their school but unlimited number of referral entries - so get this out to your friends!

About Us

We're Jason and Wayne, two startup guys who love gaming and wish esports was a bigger thing when we were in school. We were trying to learn more about the collegiate esports scene and felt like there was not a lot of collective information, so we decided to put together this survey. Reach us at or